August 18 2024 8am games start. 7:30am waiver signings

10min grace period to get games started.

Double Elimination Tournament. $150 per team

10 teams max. 5v5 12player teams. 

Rules: all offensive penalties result in loss of down.

1-15 seconds to snap the ball.

2- offsides offense and defense is 5 yards

3-Flag guarding is 5 yards and loss of down.

4- 7 second throw timer that continues on pitch backs.

5- 7 yard blitz line

6- 2 12 min half in seeding games.

7- 2 12 min half in tournament.

8-  clock stops under 2 min only in bracket games.

9- 1 timeout per half in seeding games. 2 timeouts per half in bracket.

10- offensive PI 10yrd loss and loss of down, Defensive PI is spot foul automatic first down

11- flags must be worn over your shirts/jerseys.

12. stiff arms are allowed at the chest only. any other will be flag guarding.

13- QB can only scramble if the blitzer crosses the LOS. Illegal running is 5yrd loss and loss of down.

14 8 points if you score before the first down, 7 points if you score after getting a first down.

15- any fights will be automatically kicked from tournament play deemed up to refs discussions.

16- throw timer stops on all blitzes.

17- blocks are basketball style blocks. must avoid contact at all times.




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